MalPasBeach - Hotel Rocamar
Beach of Mal Pas
This small cove separates the two large beaches of Levante and Poniente.

This small cove separates the two large beaches of Levante and Poniente. It is located between Punta Canfali and the port. With an extension of about 120 meters, its fine golden sand offers a quieter atmosphere. In front of the beach is the L`Illa de Benidorm which shelters a submerged platform known as La Llosa, an important Marine Reserve with excellent funds that are a gift for lovers of diving. The quality of this beach has made Blue Flag since 1987

Poniente Beach - Hotel Rocamar
Playa de Poniente Benidorm

It is the longest beach in the municipality, with more than 3 km in length, which makes it an ideal place to walk along its shore. Has a quieter than Levante and is where greater focus on domestic tourists character. It is an urban beach that has a seafront promenade that houses a lot of restaurant, bars and places for the enjoyment of tourists.

It has a complete offer of services and leisure facilities, such as floating platforms, biblioplayas, children's games, play-sports games, shadow areas for reading or the service of accessible beaches, which facilitate access and enjoyment for people with reduced mobility .


  • Length: 3.100 meters.
  • Width Medium: 74 meters.
  • Maximum Width: 105 meters.
  • Minimum Width: 33 meters.
  • Surface Sand: 146.239 m2.


  • Lavapies: 89 moduloes de 2 Pipes
  • Waste bins in Arena: 145
  • Litter bins on walk: 54
  • Parasols (11 meses): 440 en 10 sectors.
  • Hammocks (11 meses): 1.700 en 10 sectors.
  • Floating platforms (July-September): 1
  • Health Care Posts: 2 (Easter-October)
  • Monitoring stations / relief(Summer): 5 y 2 in other periods.
  • Playground: 6Area of Games playful-sport: 12
  • Security flags: 5
  • Gateway access: 45
  • Green toilet cabins: 15
  • Beach Library: 1
  • Point Disabled: 2

Levante Beach - Hotel Rocamar
Beach of Levante
Of the best known beaches in Europe

This is, perhaps, one of the best-known beaches in Europe. It is an urban beach of more than 2 kilometers in length that runs between Punta Pinet and Punta Canfali. An extension of fine golden sand is bathed by the calm waters of the Mediterranean and thanks to its orientation, it is possible to catch the sun well into the afternoon. It is equipped with ample security and rescue equipment, as well as all the necessary comforts: service of hammocks, washbasins, walkways or swings and games for children. In parallel runs a bustling promenade full of restaurants and venues that give this area a great activity, with people of all nationalities.